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Ann Arbor Wellness Scene Is Going to the Next Level

Bloom Wellness and Pure Hot Yoga have combined their stakes in the world of fitness and wellness.

In an email on January 9th, Bloom Wellness and Pure Hot Yoga announced that the two will be joining forces with aims to expand their reach, stating that “what we are committed to in health and wellness is bigger than any one studio or company alone.”

Pure Hot Yoga’s Maple Rd location in Ann Arbor will be closing at the end of January and moving half-a-mile down the road to the Bloom Wellness location to start classes on January 16th.

what we are committed to in health and wellness is bigger than any one studio or company alone.

So what does this mean for you, the yoga and wellness enthusiast? More classes, that’s for sure. An infusion of new teachers, and teaching styles. Access to luxury-style wellness services that include sensory deprivation floating, massage, and sauna. Class schedule will be a fusion Bloom Wellness’ yoga, meditation, and training classes with Pure Hot Yoga’s signature style yoga and inferno Pilates classes.

As for what this new venture will be called, for now the name is Bloom Wellness x Pure Hot Yoga.


Lora Rosenbaum, Pure Hot Yoga Owner



Mike Berman, Bloom Wellness Owner



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